This community of women celebrates relationships, values, learning, and feels called to act boldly on their faith. They host fellowship events and participate in small group Bible studies. They are active participants in Lutheran World Relief Quilt and Kit making and collecting clothing items for St. Joseph’s Baby Corner. Updates and announcements for women’s events and activities can be found in the Newsletter.

QALC Women’s News

Have you signed up for A Day of Fun at Jean McLauchlan’s? On Saturday, August 12, we will go to Jean’s (and Ruthie’s) summer home for a day of fellowship and fun. The jet ski drivers are ready! Get your swimsuit out. A sign-up sheet is in the narthex—all women are welcome. We will leave at 9:30 AM from the church. We need drivers for carpools, and women to help with the food. Talk to Sallie Wilson or Cathi Unseth if you have questions about the event or ways to help.

Sewing and Service quilting will begin again on Wednesday, August 2 and continue until the second or third week of December. Then we will make plans for the next year. During worship on Sunday, October 22 we will bless the quilts and kits we have finished and prepare them to be sent to the regional InGathering on November 3 & 4.

The QALC Women are sponsoring the final Wednesday of our summer Jazz on the Grass event, on August 23. The sign-up sheet is in the narthex if you would like to jump in to help set up, run the grill, serve food, or clean up.

The next NW WA Synodical Women’s Meeting will be held Saturday, October 7 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lynnwood. Please consider attending!

Thoughts from Candy about the Women of the ELCA’s Tenth Triennial gathering in Minneapolis:

Who did I meet on the street? On the way back to the hotel in Minneapolis at the Bachelor Farmer, I heard this call: “Hey lady.”
I looked around—me?
“May I have your leftovers?
“Me—My leftovers—you want my rhubarb pie?” I said, “Do you like rhubarb pie?”
“Oh yes, I’m from Iowa. I love rhubarb pie!”
It was a WWJD moment. I had plans for this pie. The hotel had a microwave—it would make a great breakfast (the topping had oatmeal after all). OR we could have it for dessert the next night—the hotel even had ice cream for the top. But wait, I was at a conference reminding me: WWJD? So I asked, “You will eat the pie?”
“Oh, yes.”
Slowly, I handed it across. A look of total bliss crossed his face. I told him he saved me from myself—after all, I did have a 5K to walk in the morning—but still I yearn for a rhubarb pie with custard in the bottom and a buttery oatmeal crust.

Linda Post Bushkofsky, executive director of Women of the ELCA, summarizes the Gathering with the following:
And then, all the women I met— from Texas,  from Utah, from Sitka, Alaska! What I discovered were women who believed in the love of God and the connection they make through WELCA. Women who are concerned about their families as well as the systems that should be challenged, asking what countercultural, justice-making actions we are being called upon to take.

“We are daughters of a troublemaker, Kelly Fryer told us. We are called to follow Jesus’ example of standing with those on the margins, even at great risk to one’s own personal comfort or reputation. Doing that, Fryer reminded us, is to stand side by side with Jesus.

“Anew” (The Triennial theme was “All Anew”) is not an event, Leymah Gbowee informed us. It is a process. And Jesus renews us all daily to do his work. It is in working together, not in a silo, that we will bring change to a world plagued by racism, violence and greed.

While we Lutheran Christian women are good at mercy, we must move into justice work, Alexia Salvatierra implored. We are called to treat each other as family, exercising both compassion and justice.

Being a Christian is not easy or comfortable. If you are comfortable in Jesus, Angela Khabeb warned us, you are doing it wrong. The God of the universe blesses everyone.

My continuing prayer for us, both individually and collectively as the organization known as Women of the ELCA, is that we latch onto this “all anew” momentum and work to bring about the change that is so sorely needed in our church, the society and the world.”

I challenge you to go with me to the next Triennial in Phoenix, Arizona in 2020. And I am sure I will once again challenge you to sponsor all those who walk for healthy women and children.

Candy Mathes for the Women’s Committee:

Sallie Wilson, Sophie Pritchard, Lisa Ondrejcek, Pat Sobeck


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