Summer Notes for LWR:

Help Us Gather Lutheran World Relief School Kit Materials

The fall 2017 InGathering will be November 3 & 4, and we hope to have 50 School Kits and 70 Personal Care Kits ready for LWR at that time. Please look for the following items on sale this summer, and place your donations in the drawers under the narthex counter.

School Kits (Items needed by Sept 30):

70-sheet notebooks (wide or college ruled)  – need 200 for 50 kits.
(In August, you can often buy these 10 at a time, for 19 cents each.)

Box Crayons (24 regular) – 20 boxes still needed

Ball point pens;  blue/black regular (i.e. not gel)  – Need 200 – there are 5 per kit

Rulers (centimeter/inch) – Need 30 (we have 20 left over)

Erasers – 2.5 inches long – Need 30

Personal Care Kits:

70 nail clippers.  Usually 49 – 59 cents on sale, which occurs periodically

Contact Rich or Candy Mathes if you have questions.

Contact Rich or Candy Mathes if you have any questions about Queen Anne Lutheran’s support of Lutheran World Relief, or want to find a way to participate.

Coffee Update: New shipment has arrived!

The first shipment from Thrive Farmers, LWR’s partner in their new venture in “direct trade,” has arrived and is on sale in the narthex. The cost for a 12 oz. bag of medium roast or dark roast is $7.50, and it is $8 for decaffeinated drip grind coffee. There are bags of coffee from Equal Exchange still available.

In the meantime, there is still plenty of inventory from Equal Exchange available for purchase. A selection of coffee, tea, chocolate bars, and other items can be purchased. While LWR does not offer chocolate or tea at the moment, we can continue to meet your needs for those items from Equal Exchange.

Also, for those who want their coffee in “pods” or K-cups, Equal Exchange does offer their coffee for Keurig machines. Please see Joel Matter if you would like to order these products.

What is Lutheran World Relief?

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is an international nonprofit organization specializing in International Development and Disaster Relief. It was headquartered in New York, but has been based in Baltimore, Maryland since 1995. LWR promotes sustainable development by helping communities increase the quality of life, engage in Fair Trade, and be better equipped to handle emergencies.

Part of LWR’s work includes responding to disasters. In the wake of the 2004 Southeast Asia Tsunami, Newsweek ranked LWR as one of the best international relief agencies, giving LWR an “A+” rating. LWR continues to receive high rankings from organizations such as the American Institute of Philanthropy, who gave LWR an A rating in 2007 through 2010, and Charity Navigator, who rated LWR the maximum four stars.


At QALC we are actively involved in making kits as well as the QALCW sewing quilts and blankets for the baby layettes. Every spring and fall the men’s group helps load the trucks for shipping. For more information contact Rich or Candy Mathes.

Quilts and Kits Guidelines
Lutheran World Relief Website

Blessing with Paul Hoffman


Personal care kits.Baby Care kits












Baby care kits and personal care kits, boxed and ready.










A beautiful fan quilt:

beautiful fan quilt













School kits:

School kits














Boxing everything up after worship:

Quilt Boxing














Anthony helps load the truck:

Anthony Wilson loading

Blessing of the Quilts April 2015   IMG_3596







Here are the records of where our materials were shipped, and how much we contributed to LWR’s efforts over the past couple years:

2015quilts and kits records