Mary’s Place Rotating Night Shelter Project
Returns to QALC October 3 – 10

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped us care for five moms and eight kids in our Fellowship Hall in May. If you haven’t volunteered yet for this important ministry, please consider giving it a try in October. We need all the volunteers we can get, to be greeters, cook dinners, stay overnight at the church, or just spend a few hours at the church on a weekend. And if you have volunteered in the past, please consider asking a friend or colleague to join you in October, to grow our pool of volunteers.

Mary’s Place is a leading voice for homeless women, children, and families in emergency situations. We empower families to reclaim their lives by offering community, acceptance, hope and dignity. Our work keeps struggling families together and provides practical tools and resources that help them find housing and employment. We inspire the community to support homeless women, children, and families through advocacy, partnerships, volunteerism and philanthropy.” See

The Rotating Night Shelter, coordinated by Mary’s Place, houses up to 14 (5-6 families) Mary’s Place women and children, at 20+ different faith communities, each congregation hosting one week or two weeks per quarter.


QALC is in its sixth year of participating twice a year in this program; we will once again have the privilege of providing shelter, meals, companionship, love, and support to moms and kids who will be staying in the Fellowship Hall May 16 – 23. Please mark these dates on your calendar and plan to help us take care of these families. If you’ve volunteered before, consider inviting a friend, neighbor, work colleague, or family member to join you this time around – it helps to expand our volunteer pool! We also need someone to step into a lead role to coordinate kitchen and laundry volunteers. Volunteer training/orientation will be provided for all volunteers, and first-time volunteers can be paired with experienced volunteers. Information about sign-up sheets and volunteer training will be included in future issues of the Quill and in the Sunday bulletins. Until then, if you think you might like to help but want more information, please contact Peggy Morgan at


What is HomeBase and why is it needed?
Homelessness is a serious and growing problem in King County. While there are shelters that house men, and shelters for women, there are currently few shelters for women with children. Record numbers of homeless women with children have been seeking temporary shelter — only to find that there is none. Every night in our community, these women and their children find refuge where they can — in a car (for the “lucky” ones who have a car), on a bus, at the airport, or under a bridge.

As part of our ministry, Queen Anne Lutheran Church participates in the Mary’s Place Rotating Shelter Project, an outreach program through which 13 different faith communities provide temporary shelter and meals to homeless women and their children. Mary’s Place is the only weekday drop-in day program for homeless women and formerly homeless women and their children in King County. For one or two weeks twice a year, Queen Anne Lutheran Church will host up to 14 homeless women and their children in our building overnight. We are looking for volunteers to put up and take down tents that provide some privacy to the families in our Fellowship Hall, greet our guests, cook dinners, serve as overnight hosts (sleeping in separate bedrooms), serve as weekend daytime hosts, and do laundry.

Click on VOLUNTEER INFO below for more detailed descriptions of volunteer roles and information on signing up. Click on SIGN-UP SHEET button if you are ready to volunteer.


“Like many things that happen at Queen Anne Lutheran, our gifts of outreach become gifts to us. The HomeBase program has done that for our family. Our 4 and 7 year old kids have helped us prepare and serve dinner to guests at each gathering and still enjoy memories of the families we’ve met. We look forward to making new friends each time.”    —Jenny Porter


The Mary’s Place Rotating Shelter Project (HomeBase) found a welcoming home here for one week, with the help of 50 volunteers. We are grateful to all the hands that helped make the church a hospitable place for these families in need. We are hopeful that next time we gear up for a week of hospitality, we may have other congregations in partnership with us!

Putting up tents in the Fellowship Hall for guest families to sleep in:

tent set-up

Joel makes Sunday morning waffles for our guests:

Hombase Sunday Waffles.Joel Matter.2